Record Power Coronet Cobra Bandsaw Scroll Guide System 80003

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Record Power 80003 Coronet Cobra Bandsaw Scroll Guide System- suitable for use with Record BS300 & BS350S

The Coronet Cobra bandsaw scroll guide system allows conversion of a select range of Record Power bandsaws into fully-functioning, premium-quality scroll bandsaws. The system is easily interchangeable with the machine’s standard guides, making the bandsaw a truly multi-functional machine whilst unlocking a whole new area of creative opportunities.

This system is made by Record Power in the UK to a high level of accuracy, using CNC machining technology and must pass rigorous quality control tests. By combining this system with the accuracy and build quality of our bandsaws, Record Power offers the best option for demanding scroll work on the market.

Using this guide system allows the creation of much taller workpieces than is possible using a traditional scrollsaw, whilst also benefitting from the power provided by a bandsaw’s much larger motor – ideal for intricate bandsaw box projects, large puzzles and much more. Another key advantage is that the blade does not move up and down like a scrollsaw blade, but is moving in a continuous loop, always with a downwards cutting motion. This means there is no risk of the workpiece being thrown upwards, making operation safer and easier.

Installing the scroll guides to a high-quality Record Power bandsaw means that all the features of the machine you already own are of additional benefit when doing scroll work. The rack-and pinion tool post gives smooth and accurate vertical adjustment of the scroll guides, retaining their position accurately at different heights and eliminating the need to reset the guide positions after every vertical adjustment.

The cast iron tables of our bandsaws are supported by strong cast trunnions and are tilted with ease using a rack-and-pinion system, which allows for accurate and simple setting of the table angle and gives excellent stability when making angled cuts. Adding to this accuracy and stability, our balanced cast iron band wheels minimise the risk of vibration, to give the smooth performance needed to ensure the best possible.

Adjustment of the guide system is simple, fast and requires no tools, leaving you free to focus on creating the best work possible. The guides themselves feature case-hardened steel sleeves which are fitted directly to the bearings. Three guide grooves, with specially selected universal widths, accommodate blade widths from 0.44 to 0.65 mm, allowing for extremely fine and intricate work to be produced.

The guides can be adjusted in the left-to-right axis so that any of the grooves can be used to support the blade. This means that wear across the guides can be spread evenly, lengthening their lifespan and allowing fine adjustment of the guide positions. The guides are mounted to blocks of structural aluminium alloy, which are in turn mounted to a solid steel guidepost.

  • Easily convert a compatible bandsaw into a high-performance scroll bandsaw, opening a whole new area of creative possibilities.
  • Made in the UK by Record Power.
  • The easily interchangeable guide system transforms your bandsaw into a truly multifunctional machine.
  • Create much taller workpieces than those possible with a scrollsaw - ideal for intricate bandsaw boxes and much more.
  • Tool-free adjustment of the guides.
  • Universal guide grooves accommodate blades from 0.44 to 0.65 mm in thickness.
  • Includes upper and lower blade guides for optimal support.
  • CNC-machined for a high degree of accuracy.

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